AT UK AQUATIC IMPORTS we have over 30 years experience in the aquatic and customer service industry. We believe that we are not only selling fish but selling dreams – we are fully aware that as soon as our clients click that button the anticipation and excitement of the pending arrival is huge.

We are contactable by email, private message or phone to answer any questions that you may have. We set out to make sure that all of our clients are not just customers but friends also. We offer a huge aftercare service via our facebook page UK AQUATIC IMPORTS.

On this friendly group we have obtained the help and support of the UK’s leading fish keepers and breeders who are willing to offer their many years of experience for free, just to share their love for these amazing fish.

Unlike some of the other UK importers, we import our Wild stock directly imported from MALAWI, TANZANIA & MOZAMBIQUE and not via other European importers. This gives us the best selection and quality as a single transfer puts far less stress on the Wild fish.

We also have a great network of UK breeders who we have carefully selected to ensure that we have only the very best quality F1 stock. We also import F1 and Tank bred fish, stocking from only the best breeders in the WORLD. Quality is important to us and we will only sell the best fish that have gone through strict Quarantine procedures. There is no set time for our Quarantine process as every fish is different, we let the fish “tell us” when they are ready to leave the nest and go to their new homes.

Sometimes we are sure that our fish house manager keeps some of his favourites longer than he needs to…. We hope that when your fish arrive they give you the same happiness that fish keeping has given us for all these years, as when we say ‘18 years experience’ the truth is a lifetime, as all of us remember our first trip to the fair when we bought our first fish home and …………

our journey in the aquatic world is still going strong…